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We offer personal training, classes, massage, and chiropractic treatment. To see the current class timetable and pricing please use the book button.

Personal Training

Bespoke sessions in your own private facility. Work to your own intensity, specific to your goals, and get set a plan for achieving those goals. Whether it is strength, cardiovascular fitness, general health and well-being, mobility/pain relief or injury rehabilitation.


Personal training is with Nick or Vanessa. If you're interested in starting please call or text Nick for our availability. 

  • 1:1 training – the ultimate private training experience, tailored to your personal goals and tracking your progress.

  • 2:1 training – great for couples, family members, friends, with the ability to offer separate workouts in the same session. Helps spread the cost, and make yourself accountable to the trainer and your friend or family member.

  • 3+:1 training – a more affordable option for small groups to do bespoke workouts. Splits the cost and adds even more fun!


A more affordable option to personal training, or a good complement to any personal training you are doing. Class sizes are a maximum of 12, so you will get to know everyone in the class very quickly, with a small community atmosphere. Lots of people from various ages, sizes and abilities. All are welcome and each class can be infinitely adapted to suit every fitness level.


Classes are run by Nick or Vanessa and can be booked here.

  • RPM – 45min session of the Les Mills version of spin, where we use the music as our guide. We love spin here, as all fitness levels can do the same workout, however how many gears you put defines how hard the class is. I can even save you a space at the back if you’re new to class and nervous.

  • Express RPM and abs – 30min RPM session (see above) followed by 12min core/abs exercises and 12min stretching.

  • Bootcamp – 60min session like circuits but using so much more interesting equipment, giving the class a more functional fitness vibe. The routine changes each week but there is roughly 15 minutes upper body, 15 minutes lower body, and 15 minutes core, with stretching and warming up either side.


We offer a few different types of massage that you can book, whether you’re after injury treatment or need some more general relief.

Please call or text Nick for available times. 

  • Sports therapy massage – Premier level 4 trained soft tissue therapy, to give you immediate relief from tight muscles, either injury related, or positional related, for example tight neck/lower back muscles from working on a laptop all day. Carried out by Nick.

  • Relaxation massage – a relaxing soft tissue treatment with the primary focus of relaxing off tight muscles, without any deeper trigger points, good for mind and body. Carried out by Nick.

  • Indian head massage – ultimate relaxation of the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face – it can alleviate stress and tension, relieve headaches, migraines and insomnia, as well as stimulate lymphatic drainage and enhance hair growth. Carried out by Vanessa.

  • Hot stone massage – a soft tissue massage using hot stones to stimulate blood flow, for whole body or certain problem tense muscle areas. Carried out by Victoria.


Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that focusses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, with special emphasis on the spine. It emphasises manual therapy including spinal manipulation and other joint and soft-tissue manipulation, joint mobilisation, and includes exercises, and health and lifestyle counselling.


Services are carried out by Victoria at the studio – please contact her directly for this on 07826 272559.


  • Chiropractic consultation and treatment – initial consultations include discussion of problem areas and your medical history, an overall examination and treatment and lasts 90 minutes. Ongoing follow-up treatment sessions are 45mins.

  • Animal chiropractic – for horses and canines to give improved performance and overall wellbeing – carried out by an internationally recognised chiropractor


If you want to find out more about any of what we offer, get in touch here

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