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Tone & Shape

Weight Loss – 17+ clients have lost 10kg or more with me

Marie (video above) initially wanted to lose weight for daughter's wedding and lost a total of 3 stone!

"Nick is the most amazing instructor I thought PT would be boring and uninteresting!! I couldn’t have been more wrong, it’s fun and extremely rewarding! Since I've been to Nick I've lost over 2 and a half stone and I credit it to Nick's constant hard word and dedication he certainly changed my life, you're stuck with me now!!! Thank you"

Marie, Personal Training Client & Class Participant

Hannah lost over 3 stone under my guidance and absolutely smashed her triathlon target!

"Nick is one of the best personal trainers I have had the pleasure to work with. He really listens to what you want to get out of your sessions and any goals you want to achieve. He has a wealth of knowledge not only in fitness, but also has brilliant nutritional advice to support you as well. When I started working with Nick I wanted to lose two stone and complete a triathlon in 1 hour 35 mins, and he helped me smash both of those targets. I cannot recommend Nick enough, and whatever your level of fitness is, I am confident Nick will get you the results that you want. Thanks Nick!"

Hannah, Personal Training Client

Tone, Shape & Get Fitter – Over 25 people between 1-10kg to tone & shape

"I can't begin to tell you what a difference Nick has made to my physical and mental wellbeing. I've gone from couch potato to strong woman in a year under Nick's guidance. He's kind but knows just how far to push you - and he's got me hooked on his spin classes too. Thoroughly recommend Nick to get you in shape. You'll never look back."

Alex, Personal Training Client & Class Participant

"Nick is an inspirational fitness coach. Knowledgeable, personable and practises what he preaches! The sessions are never easy, but always show results. His care in listening to and advising on your goals means that they are always the focus of every workout. I try not to miss a week - he's that good!"

Sarah, Personal Training Client & Class Participant

"Nick is a totally dedicated trainer and a really nice guy. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Completely committed to his clients, whatever their fitness or motivation."

Ben, Personal Training Client

"Nick is amazing at what he does, I look forward to going every week, PT and RPM (Spin)! Highly recommended!!"

Christine, Personal Training Client & Class Participant

Injury & Post-Operation Recovery - Either Sports Massage or Rehabilitation Training 

"After several shoulder surgeries I had lost a lot of strength and confidence in my shoulder. Nick has been fantastic in finding different exercises to train the muscles when the more mainstream ways were uncomfortable. I now have full confidence in my shoulder and have increased my strength hugely. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone. Very knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. Cheers Nick!"

Ed, Personal Training Client

"Professional, courteous and effective. Nick is an amazing masseur, his knowledge of the muscular anatomy and trigger points is spot on. If you're recovering from any acute/chronic injury or in need of rehabilitation, he'll sort you out. Highly recommend!"

Simone, Massage Client

"Nick has been brilliant helping getting me back to Triathlon after breast cancer. He’s also a demon RPM (Spin) trainer!"

Liz, Personal Training & Massage Client & Class Participant

"Nick is an excellent personal trainer who has massively helped my rehabilitation after a serious operation. I started off being very sensitive to certain movements, having little to no strength in certain areas and was constantly paranoid of injuring myself and undoing what the operation had achieved. Nick knew exactly what to do, giving me personal routines so that I built up strength and confidence in the sensitive muscles. I would highly recommend him to anyone, especially people looking to build strength and durability in muscle groups they struggle with."

Chris, Personal Training Client

"A friend recommended Nick for sports massage and I'm glad I took her advice as my hip, leg and knee pain had been bad for a while and not responding to other treatments. Nick was professional, attentive, observant and identified the issue straight away. He also gave me daily stretches to do to help. I had 3 weekly sessions and now just top ups when I need them. My left leg no longer gives way."

Gill, Massage Client

"Been having pains a long while, but it started to be a problem when I started training for an event.

Two sessions of Sports Massage with Nick and my back feels like new. He's professional and puts you at ease. I would recommend him to anyone."

Jo, Massage Client

Athletes & Fitness Challenges – Tailored plans and guidance to help you exceed your goals 

"Had weekly PT with Nick in the lead up to a Tough Mudder event and finished as the first female to complete. Couldn’t have achieved this without Nick. Absolutely recommend Nick to anyone and everyone. Thanks Nick."

Mimi, Personal Training Client

"Nick has been my PT for 3+ years now and his sessions are primarily bike work. I have seen and felt myself get stronger with results to prove this. I took part in the British Sprint Championship Triathlon at Thorpe Park in 2017 (came 2nd for my age cat) with a 38:16 for the bike. I did this race again in 2018, same course, in a time of 26:24, knocking just under 2 mins from the previous year. To say I was thrilled was an understatement; I came 3rd in my age cat. My sessions with Nick are high bike intense cardio and he really does push me to my limits, but that's what I pay him for!! Nick has helped prepare me with regular massage, especially before I represented GBR in my age cat at the ITU Sprint Champs in Rotterdam in 2017 where I came 6th and more recently at the ETU Sprint Champs in Glasgow 2018 coming 12th. I'm taking this season off, but will be back in Nick prepartion for my 2020 come back. Thanks Nick!"

Amy, Personal Training Client

Injury & Post-Op
Weight Loss
Athletes & Fitness Challenges
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