Please see pricing for Personal Training, Sports Massage & Group Classes below. 

We aim to keep our prices as fair as possible, whilst still being able to offer Best In Class, Commercial Grade Equipment and a Tailored Service, in your own Private Facility. 

All Personal Training Sessions are with myself in my Private, Commercial Grade Gym - The Lakeside Fitness Studio. 

I offer, 1:1, 2:1 and Group Personal Training & can accommodate Groups of up to 4 people in my gym.   

You will always have sole use of the facility and all the no need to feel self-conscious & no more waiting around for equipment.

Personal Training




1:1 Personal Training

1 hour Private Training Session tailored to your personal goals.

£35 per session

1:1 HIIT Personal Training

30 min Private Personal Training Session - perfect for squeezing your training into your lunch break! 

£25 per session

2:1 & Group Personal Training

I train many couples, friends, mother & daughter, father & son combos. 

Group PT Sessions are a great way to lower the cost of your Personal Training and some find it more fun!


As my facility is private, I can accommodate groups of up to 4 people (I currently have 1 group of 4 friends who I train weekly). 

Group Personal Training Sessions are a 1 hour Training Session tailored to your groups goals. Everyone in the group doesn't have to have the same goal e.g. I train some husbands and wives have slightly different goals, but still benefit from together and achieve great results. 

Group of 2: £25 each per session

Group of 3: £20 each per session

Group of 4: £20 each per session

Gym Program/at Home Workout Plan

I am happy to provide personalised gym programs and at home workouts too - you don't need to be a PT client - I will take you through your plan in a 1 off session at my gym (although you can of course book in for more sessions if you'd like to!)

£35 per session


Meet me, discuss your goals and view my Private Fitness & Class Studio.

All massages are with myself in my Private Facility - The Lakeside Fitness Studio. 





Sports Massage

1 hour, 15 min  treatment. Includes Postural Assessment & Recovery Plan.

£45 per session

Relaxation Massage

1 hour massage. Ideal to de-stress and relieve tension from your neck and back.

£40 per session

Group Classes

If you'd like to discuss options for a tailored, private class for your group, club or company, please contact me.

Or if you're interested in a 1:1 Class Taster session to help get you started, please contact me to discuss. 

Group Classes

Single Payments:

  • 1 Class = £7.50

Class Packages:

  • Taster: 5 Class Bundle = £35 (£7 per Class, Save £2.50, 2 Month Expiry) 

  • Silver: 10 Class Bundle = £65 (£6.50 per Class, Save £10, 3 Month Expiry)

  • Gold: 20 Class Bundle = £120 (£6 per Class, Save £30, 6 Month Expiry) 

  • Platinum: 50 Class Bundle = £250 (£5 per Class, Save £125, 12 Month Expiry)


Class Packages can be used for all of my classes and can be purchased at the end of your class. We accept both card and cash payments.