Weekly Class Timetable


  • 7pm RPM (Spin) (45 mins)


  • 9.30am  RPM Express followed by Abs (55 mins)

  • 8.15pm RPM (Spin) (45 mins)


  • 6.15pm RPM (Spin) (45 mins)


  • No classes 


  • 9.30am RPM Express followed by Abs (55 mins)

  • 5.45pm RPM (Spin) (45 mins)

Please note: All classes must be booked in advance, I do not accept walk-ins. This is so that I can ensure I have enough spaces for all my clients. 

If it's your first visit to The Lakeside Fitness Studio, you will need to complete a Health Commitment Statement before the class, which I will email you in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are classes?

Single class payments are £7.50,but I also offer a variety of packages, which give you discounted rates for purchasing classes in bulk. Full pricing information can be found here. I accept both cash and card payments.

Where are your classes held?

All classes are held in my private Fitness Studio in Startley near Malmesbury/Chippenham. 

Do I have to be a Personal Training Client to come to your classes? 

Whilst Personal Training and classes work very well together, you don't have to be a Personal Training Client to come to my classes. Some clients see me for PT and classes, some only for PT and some only for classes - it's whatever your preference and I welcome all. 

Do I have to book?  

Yes -  I do not accept walk-ins, this is to make sure I have enough bikes for all clients and avoid disappointment! You can book online here

What is RPM?

Les Mills RPM™ is a group indoor cycling workout where you are in control of the intensity. We'll get fitter, healthier and stronger together, with the rhythm of the music as our guide, concurring hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. RPM is all about the music and it's without doubt my favourite class! It is low impact cardio where you can burn up to 675 calories a session and for this reason so many of my clients love it because (I quote) "it's fun and is an easy way to lose weight"

What is RPM Express & Abs?

Simply put it's 30 mins of RPM followed by 12 mins Abs & 12 mins stretching :-)

Will everyone be super fit and will I struggle to keep up? 

RPM is for everyone - the gears let you go at your own pace meaning you can make it as high or low intensity as you wish! My classes are inclusive of all fitness levels and I encourage everyone to go at a pace they feel most comfortable at. Beginners often build up to a full class by doing half the tracks in the first session and gradually building up at their own pace. It's a journey - not  a race! For first classes, many clients feel happier at the back and I will gladly reserve you a spot at the back should you wish. 

What do I need to bring with me? 

I provide all equipment, so you just need to bring yourself, a gym towel and a drink to make sure you stay hydrated throughout your class! I do however sell drinks and gym towels to rent or purchase, so no worries if you forget anything!